Independent Game Developer with a focus on the idle and incremental genre


Time Idle RPG is an idle incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks. Each seconds that passes in real life is one second you can use in the multiple mechanics found in the game.

As the game mechanics unfold, you will find yourself making decisions on how to assign the Time that you have gathered so far to optimize your gains.

This game will gather Time and resources while not played. 








- Time Travel introduced!

- Time Travel unlocks after Raids.

- 76+ new Sacred Timeline Tree nodes

- 4 New Gather generators

- 4 New Buildings generators

- 3 New Captures generators

- 3 New Crafts generators

- 2 New Combat Stats

- 4 New currencies

- Bosses now have extra lives you need to defeat before getting loot.

- Deeper areas now have Energy Shield that can only be damaged with Magic.

- Runes do not trigger while the Boss has Energy Shield.

- Synchronization bonus is now based on unallocated Tempo.

- Experience now affects the base value instead of being a additive percentage.

- Talent max level is now 1e300.

- Various bug fixes

- General game balances


- A lot of bug fixes (25+).

- Added instant spins and pulls.

- Achievements bonus rebalanced and new max level set to 100 from 25.

- Added a new multiplier to most stats based on the current run time of the Synchronization.

- Tree has been reset due to node skipping bug.

- Exp nodes have been reset due to negative experience bug.

- Talent nodes have been reset due to balancing adjustments.


- Game breaking bug with equipment has been fixed.

- Minor game balances.

- Other fixed.


- You can now clear Tempo Tier upgrades on the Sacred Timeline.

- Bug fixes


- Hourly Rewards introduced!

- Hourly rewards will apply retroactively to existing players.

- Hourly rewards stack and will never be missed by the players.

- UI updates.

- Bug fixes


- Bug fixing update

- Tree Redo has been reworked.

- Combat auto max freeze has been fixed.

- Tree stats not clearing on Clears has been fixed.

- Tree tier upgrade cost has been increased.

- Tree has been cleared for this update.

- Added a % indicator for Science when it is throttled


- Daily Rewards introduced!

- Daily rewards will apply retroactively to existing players.

- Daily rewards stack and will never be missed by the players.

- UI updates.

- Raid bosses stats increased.

- Added a Remove All Variants buttons on the top menu.

- Added a manual input and auto input for Variants on the top menu.

- Added a check to not allow players cloud load from a newer cloud game version to an older local game version. Player will need to update local version first.

- Bug fixes


- Late game balance adjustments.

- Tempo Tier upgrades cap increased.

- Sync multiplier now affects Player current stats, Exp, Talent Fragments

- Combat areas now unlock based on the Tower Max Floor. 

- Tree and Combat areas were reset.

- UI updates.

- Bug fixes


- 200+ Tree nodes added.

- 80+ New equipment added.

- 20+ New Battle areas added.

- Tree nodes now have long press to do Max time.

- Tree nodes now have right click (Steam) to clear the node.

- Bug fixes


- Variants now affect the Max and Min stats of the Bosses when assigned in Combat. Does not apply to Tower or Raids.. yet?

- Wood now gets the first Variant assigned after a Synchronization.

- Added an Auto Max button for Combat.

- Tree redo now returns the Time over the max needed.

- Fixed bug with Tree redo not working properly.

- Bug fixes


- Variants now affect the Max and Min stats of the player when assigned in Combat.

- Removed Time requirement from Jobs and returned the time allocated back to player.

- Added an Auto Max button for Jobs

- Added an Auto Max button for Timers

- Added an Auto Max button for Plancks

- Added an Auto Buy button for Plancks

- Bug fixes


- Talent progress required per level reduced from 100k to 10k.

- Tower Boss stats rebalanced

- Auto Raid now accounts for Boss regeneration

- New Rune: Double Attack

- New Rune: Tripple Attack

- Bug fixes


- Runes introduced!

- Runes are chance based skills that trigger during Combat, Tower, Raids.

- Runes drop from Combat areas.

- Runes can be equipped to customize your battle experience.

- Bug and UI fixes.


- Raids introduced! Unlocks after Timers.

- Defeat Raid bosses to get their Soul.

- Souls have stats that will enhance parts of the game.

- Souls have new stats not found anywhere else.

- You can equip Souls as pets in the Equip menu.

- Tower Jewel Boss modifiers now affect Combat and Raids stats too.

- Adjusted Tempo calculations.

- Added a Tempo multiplier on Synchronization via a certain Soul.


- Adjusted Boss scaling in Tower.

- Returned Talents to player.

- Increased cost to Talents due to Jewel scaling.

- Reset Jewels and Tower Max Floor


- Tower combat has been revamped. 

- Talents have been incredibly buffed.

- Jewels currency added and acquired via Tower. Jewels modify the Tower combat.

- Combat now drops Experience. Use experience to customize the combat stats.

- Added a redo button for the Tree. Get it from the Sacred Timeline

- Science now accrues at 1/100th of normal rate when you reach the Science cap.

- Adjusted Raw Food vs. Food vs. Variants

- Further updates to user interface.

- Removed Bloom post-processing effect.

- Bug fixes


- Added cross platform cloud save and loading!

- Added leaderboards for Max Time, Max Science, and Max Tempo!

- General game balances.

- Further updates to user interface.

- Bug fixes


- Added new Sacred Timeline nodes.

- Added a new player helper to provide guidance if needed.

- Added sound and background music. Can be disabled in settings.

- Added animations to buttons when clicked.

- Added particles.

- Added support for tablet resolutions.

- Added support for device screen safe areas.

- General game balances.

- Further updates to user interface.

- Bug fixes


- Changed the way to unlock mechanics by pathing through the Sacred Timeline.

- You can spend Science and Tempo to unlock mechanics and bonuses.

- Added a new Job - Fighter - it boosts Variants assigned to Combat.

- Added a few new Talents in the Tower Menu.

- Moved around the way some mechanics unlock.

- Added a percentage on the main resources that show if you are producing more than it is being consumed. 

- General game balances.

- Further updates to user interface.

- Bug fixes


- Added a pop up to select the Combat Area.

- Variants can affect Combat. Each Variant reduces the cap time.

- Further updates to user interface.

- Bug fixes


- Variant efficiency is now increased by the Synchronization bonus.

- Variants consume more Food now.

- Added an Auto Buy button for Buildings. Available after the first Synchronization.

- Added a Cap All button to Jobs and Timers.

- Further updates to user interface.

- Buffed enemy stats across all areas.

- Added a few post-processing effects. Can be disabled via Settings.

- Bug fixes


- Tutorial added to explain the game mechanics.

- Spaced out the Science Milestones after frequent player feedback.

- Updated the User Interface.

- General game balances.

- Offline calculations now required internet time for them to work.

- Added logic to correct the total time acquired in game.

- Bug fixes